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Happy Peace by MidnightMarchioness Happy Peace :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 3 0 Crest of cream by MidnightMarchioness Crest of cream :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 2 0 Wonder smooth by MidnightMarchioness Wonder smooth :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 3 0 Freedom's Domain by MidnightMarchioness Freedom's Domain :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 5 2 Nectar by MidnightMarchioness Nectar :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 2 0 Dark Ambrosia by MidnightMarchioness Dark Ambrosia :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 6 0 Touched by MidnightMarchioness Touched :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 1 0 Light Drop by MidnightMarchioness Light Drop :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 0 0 Bundle by MidnightMarchioness Bundle :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 1 0 Stained light by MidnightMarchioness Stained light :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 2 0 Crowned Beauty by MidnightMarchioness Crowned Beauty :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 3 0 Traced to Perfection by MidnightMarchioness Traced to Perfection :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 2 0 Pop Color by MidnightMarchioness Pop Color :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 4 0 Moody by MidnightMarchioness Moody :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 1 0 Reflecting egnicmatic by MidnightMarchioness Reflecting egnicmatic :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 1 1 Dancing inspiration by MidnightMarchioness Dancing inspiration :iconmidnightmarchioness:MidnightMarchioness 2 0


Someone Hug Him by Spinning-Ninjas Someone Hug Him :iconspinning-ninjas:Spinning-Ninjas 45 30 Spoilers- How to Deal w/ 'em by BlueFire795 Spoilers- How to Deal w/ 'em :iconbluefire795:BlueFire795 62 58 GODZILLA'S IN NINJAGO D: by Electric-Bluejay GODZILLA'S IN NINJAGO D: :iconelectric-bluejay:Electric-Bluejay 99 61 Jay by Squira130 Jay :iconsquira130:Squira130 150 24 I'm ninja and now... by BIazeRod I'm ninja and now... :iconbiazerod:BIazeRod 66 15
Turning-Points: A Ninjago Fanfic-Ch. 1-2
(Published 1-19-13)
The revelation of an unexpected, and reluctant, Green Ninja (OC) awakens Cole's lonely soul. "I can't take a breath without thinking about her…But…I can't be thinking like this." 

Beginning of Cole and Arwyn's story. Tale of interpersonal relationships with romance, humor, adventure, drama, angst. Rated for teens.  No lemons, not even CLOSE.(**My AU, since Lloyd is not the Green Ninja.)

Turning-Points begins after the collection of the four Fang Blades, but the time between that and when Pythor stole them back is expanded by weeks to months.

Ch. 1:  Man On A Mission

**Sensei Wu’s POV
Nya and I stood on the sidewalk outside of a small clinic watching the people walking by going to their jobs, classes, or th
:iconarwynrie:ArwynRie 8 5
RWBY Maidens: The Four Seasons by Madgamer2k7 RWBY Maidens: The Four Seasons :iconmadgamer2k7:Madgamer2k7 1,915 90 Dustbenders: The Legend of RWBY by TheRogueSPiDER Dustbenders: The Legend of RWBY :icontheroguespider:TheRogueSPiDER 2,262 228 RWBY - My Neighbor Zwei by Ace-Wong RWBY - My Neighbor Zwei :iconace-wong:Ace-Wong 868 49 RWBY Pokemon Trainers by depression76 RWBY Pokemon Trainers :icondepression76:depression76 2,451 227
Do You Like Blue? Chapter 1
Do You Like Blue?
Disclaimer:  I don't own Ninjago, though it would be cool if I did! 
(Jay's POV)
I could still feel it, her soft lips against my skin, the thundering of my heart as it sped up.
"I like you best when you're you."
  She…she really likes me.
I snapped my head up just to see Kai's fist come hurling toward me, I quickly jumped back to avoid it.  Man that was close!
"Jay, just because you reached your full potential doesn't mean you can slack off during training. One must always strive to improve themselves and go beyond their limits." Sensei Wu said as he sipped his tea.  Geez, why did I challenge Kai to a sparring match again? I thought as I shook my head to clear it.
We were all training on the upper deck of the Destiny's Bounty.  Cole and Zane were going through some new ka'tas, while Kai and I were sparring.
"Yeah Jay, better watch out if you don't wanna end up face down on the deck
:iconvelvetpersona:VelvetPersona 46 34
Jay's Love Letter to Nya: A Ninjago Fanfic
A/N: I don't own LEGO Ninjago or its characters, and you know nothing about the guy named Cole staying in the locked room upstairs...I do, however, claim ownership of my little tales...
I'm currently working on finishing Champion's Bane (set before release of Great Devourer) and, of course, it's taking me forever. Just to let y'all know I'm still kickin', here's a little something from the last chappie. If you remember in Ch. 1, Kai had told Nya that Jay had an envelope hidden under his mattress for 'if anything ever happened to him'. So here's the love letter he was just a bit too embarrassed to release earlier... Lemme know what you think...
Jay's Love Letter to Nya
Dearest Nya,
If you're reading this, then I must've died in some awesomely heroic way (probably saving all of Ninjago), and you were going through my things searching for sentimental keepsakes to remember me by and actually dug between my mattresses and found this. Otherwise, I
:iconarwynrie:ArwynRie 7 7
Ninjago: Oops
HEY GUYS! So this is a super super super super SUPER long overdue story request for MasterOfPaperPlanes. Sorry it took so long ;-; I hope you like it. Give me your honest opinion though. :D
Btw, it's a Jya oneshot so if you don't ship them you probably won't like it. :XD:

Jay wouldn't admit that he was afraid. Honestly, what was there to be scared of? It was just asking Nya to hang with him, have dinner, maybe watch a movie...
He fidgeted with the ends of his blue and white jacket nervously as he stood before her bedroom door. His fist was positioned to knock on it, but something seemed to stop him, like an invisible wall of worry had been constructed between him and the wooden door. He swallowed hard.
It was now or never.
Rubbing his sweaty hands on his jeans for the twenty-somethingth time, he raised his hand to knock. Flicking his wrist, his knuckles were about to collide with the door just as Nya opened it, leaving his hand hanging awkwardly in the air.
His startled gaze
:iconasdfwaffles:asdfwaffles 6 9
Velvet | January Ninjago Fanfiction | Jay x Nya
A/N: So hopefully any rambling I do here works to protect people from spoilers. If you want to read this, you can. I'm not stopping you. However, yes, this DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS. Please please please, do not kill me for writing this, and yes, be warned it is very, very angsty. I felt the need calling within my soul to write this. I couldn't ignore it. 
Month:  January 
Rating: T for mild swearing and Nadakhan's lust.
Summary: As he sat, locked in the room with the woman he knew was meant to complete his life, he kept replaying the scenario in Dr. Julien's old prison over and over again. He only had a few short minutes before she was gone forever. A few short minutes to make it count. With a deep in take of breath, he spoke her name, and the beginning of the last time she would ever hear him say "I love you."
Warnings: Major spoilers for season 6 and lots of feely
:iconhailsstorm:HailsStorm 5 2
Triangulo amoroso de ninjago by Detectiveneko-chan Triangulo amoroso de ninjago :icondetectiveneko-chan:Detectiveneko-chan 28 13 Ninjago - Jay and Nya by Janellexox Ninjago - Jay and Nya :iconjanellexox:Janellexox 9 5



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Artist | Student | Photography
United States
Hi, a little bit about me is I love anime, music, photography,theater, and video games. I also love Lets Players and love watching people play video games as well as playing them myself. Basically I like anything and everything creative and inspirational. Though I am not gifted with drawing I like to think I have a decent eye for what makes a good photograph. Well only time will tell.


Happy Peace
The composition was good on this one, it's balanced but a little bland. Well they can't all be winners.
Crest of cream
I love the color of the flower and the detail. That's really all I have to say about this one.
Wonder smooth
Apparently my pictures just love being black and white. Seriously, I only just this week started playing with it and I guess I just happened to take a bunch of pictures that look really great without color. The world is mocking me.
Freedom's Domain
I shot this one just this morning, its definitely a new favorite. The light is just perfect
This one is fairly simple and the composition is meh, but I really do like how the flowers seem to pop. 
Hello everyone who happens to stumble across my profile. I realized I don't post very often, but I am fully committed to my photography, and I hope that people enjoy the end product as much as I do. Anyway just here to say that I plan to continue to post when I get the time. So if you like what you see I ain't going anywhere, I'll just have a few breaks every now and then (Blame school) but I will be more active when summer starts (Yay). Well if anyone bothers to read this I hope you have a fantastic day.



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You are very welcome. By the way I love your fanfiction. I marathoned it for three days straight till I had caught up to the current chapter. PLEASE don't ever stop I love your writing style to much.
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I think I've fainted. oh my goodness!  That is such a wonderful thing to say! :3  Thank you so so much!  I'm really glad to know you've enjoyed the story!  Did you read past 'Turning Points'?  
MidnightMarchioness Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017  Student Photographer
Yup I read Champion's Bane too, and I cannot wait till you upload the last chapter. Speaking of which I was wondering if you could maybe do like a side story of Jay and Nya or something along those lines. Don't get me wrong I love Cole and Arwyn and I know they're the main focus of the story, but it would be cute to see a little bit more of Jay and Nya's relationship just because I feel that you could really do their story justice. Anyway, just a suggestion, you keep writing and I'll keep reading because you're a fantastic storyteller. :)
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